Vista 2025 – Take the Pulse Survey

The Chester County Economic Development Council (CCEDC), the County of Chester under the leadership of the County Commissioners and in partnership with the county’s 10 chambers of commerce are undertaking an important business survey called “Take the Pulse”, a key component of VISTA 2025.

VISTA 2025 is Chester County’s 10-year Economic Development Strategy designed to maintain the economic health of Chester County by striking a balance between progress and preservation.

The Take the Pulse survey, which will assess the business climate in Chester County, takes approximately 5 minutes to complete. Data gathered through the survey will provide valuable insight into the challenges and opportunities facing Chester County businesses today.

The success of the survey is dependent upon receiving a significant number of responses from a diverse group of respondents from every corner of Chester County.

Preliminary results and findings will be released in Spring 2016, with a more formal report expected later in the year.

Please complete this survey to ensure that every voice within our vibrant business community is heard.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

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